April 5, 2011

A Few Changes and More.

It has been a long time since I have written here, but that shall end soon. As I have explained before, I had intended this blog to be for plants and nature, but coming to college, it was good to use it also to share my experiences with my family and those reading this. So, I created a second blog to take the place of my experiences, but after brief review, I realized that I should keep this blog as it is since it already has the previous years. So, the second blog i created: Team Kool, I am going to convert to here. And then create a separate blog for plants. So, moral of the story, try to keep things simple as I have yet to do. Well, if you are still reading this, enjoy.

March 10, 2010


Last Weekend, I had the opportunity to visit my sister and her little family in Idaho Falls. My oldest niece, Emma, turned 8 years old on March 2nd, and was preparing for her baptism. Megan and I traveled up friday night, and joined my parents and Sarah at Amber's house.
I was also pleased to find that my parents brought along our dog, Annie (a poodle.. and yes, she does count as a dog). Walking through the doors, hands full carrying my stuff, Gracey (my 2nd niece) began making noise and I even heard her "say" my name. I placed quotation marks around say, because Gracey does not really make the k or ca sounds, so basically me name to her is "a-e." I am quite alright with that though, for she is only 2 years old in January. Back to the point; Baptisms. I will share with you pictures of Emma and pictures I have, thanks to Amber, of my own baptism and Sarah's.

Emma's father Weston, baptized her on March 06, 2010.

The service in the church went very nice, talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost, along
with a lovely duet by two little girls. Emma was
first in being baptized in the font and after we preceded into the primary room to wait for confirmation blessings. I had Gracey duty while Amber was helping Emma change into her baptism, white, dress. Sadly, Gracey was feeling a little left out of the whole thing and only really wanted her parents, but we did alright together waiting for them to be ready. She sure has her own, strong personality. She knows the "no" tones set and they are used well. Watching Gracey following Emma, copying her in every way possible, just brought laughs to my heart. Emma may find her annoying at times, but I know that she loves her with her whole heart and takes very good care of Gracey.

After the blessing, Emma and her family talked to friends and family. After all was said, we returned to Amber's house where people came over for a light lunch and more talking in honor of Emma. After the food, we got some pictures of Emma with her grandparents, in her white dress.

Attending Emma's baptism was an experience I hope I will never forget.

That is a huge purpose of the blog, for my memories to be stored for continual visit. It is not about ratings, or being popular or entertaining, solely for a storage of my thoughts and experiences throughout this life, past, present, and future. I encourage everyone to do the same, perhaps not in a blog form, for then it can be traced and found on the web, unless thats what you want. I'm a blogger mainly for family and close friends, giving them the opportunity to understand me better or share with them my adventures here on this world. But I would rather them watch my other blog about nature, but that is still unfortunately under construction, I will probably not return to active duty with that one until spring, when I break from school for some time. Back to baptism.

Past. What I can remember about Sarah's baptism. I remember it took place in Ogden, Utah and Sarah had chosen Peter, our eldest brother to baptize her. I remember thinking that was odd, and almost unsure about it. I guess I was traditional and thought she should have had our father do it. I no longer question it, of course, being older and maybe wiser...

I remember all our cousins and extended family, along with a large array of family friends from Utah there. That is all I can remember of Sarah's baptism, fortunately we have some pictures.

Sarah and Peter will always
share that special bond.

What I can remember about my own baptism.. not a lot. I had chosen my father to baptize me in California. The service took place in August ( I have the precise date on the program back home in a little black box, but I do not need to trifle through that, the month is sufficient enough) in our Stake center. I did not have a lot of family like Sarahs, hers was in Ogden, where most of our family lives. I had turned 8 on June 21, but waited until August, because that is when it was the stake baptismal day. I remember the water was warm and I was cold and shaking after leaving the font. After changing into my white dress, we were seated in a bright room where we were confirmed and given a blessing. Only my siblings and parents attended for me, along with our two next door neighbors, Juliet and Weston White. who where Peter and Amber's best friends. They came along to watch and afterwards we all went to Red Robins to celebrate not only my baptism but also Weston's birthday. So Weston and I both got these extremely tall red drinks from Red Robin, and of course Weston also received some cake. That is all I can remember from my baptism. I know I felt very happy that day.

November 24, 2008

Coldplay...my hero like no other

ColdPlay Concert!!!  VIVA LA VIDA!!!
(Saturday November 20, 2008)
View of stage from our "seats" Stephanie, Breanna, and I. Yup I changed my shirt to a Coldplay concert tour shirt!! 
Best story ever: We were sitting in our "nose bleed" seats when this girl came up to us and started asking questions about us. She is Coldplay's personal light techie and that she might be able to upgrade our tickets a little. But we had to give the right answer to: "What is the name of the first album by Coldplay?" Answer: Parachute! She took us out of the seating area and took our tickets. Then she pulled out three tickets and asked how we felt about sitting in row 4!!! OH My GOODNESS!! We freaked out and started screaming and then we all hugged her. We did have to ditch our three other friends, but it was not our fault they didn't want to come early. So we took the tickets and went down to the floor. We got wristbands and it turns out that row 4 is really the second row from the stage!!! we were one row and a small speaker from Chris Martin!!! Thats my exciting life in the music life!!!

Breanna, Stephanie, and I totally stoked about the concert!! 

The beginning of Coldplay!!!
Theme is form his latest album: Viva La Vida, so he was dressed old fashioned militarish.
I love him!

His concert was amazing! Literally priceless! The best there is!
Of course he has to play the piano for a lot of songs, it just would not be as good if he didn't.

Heres some videos; more like clips of some of his songs. I didn't get whole songs because one: my camera stinks, two: my cameras

snippet of "Clocks"

"In My Place"
the above video shows a big reason of why i love Coldplay (Chris Martin) so much.  The first time i saw him sing on tv, it was around the time i was in 7th grade and i saw him with shoes off, dancing "interpretably."  I feel in love with him at that moment and never stopped. He is definitely not shy of using his ATP!!
Snippet of "Viva la Vida"

Content in it's Purest Form

Saturday November 22: Trip to Salt Lake City!

Today was one of the better days I can remember.  In the morning, Stephanie, Breanna, and I hit the road for a day in Salt Lake! Nicole, Karen, and Lindsey joined up with later that day.  Disclaimer: the pictures are not in order of events that day, in fact, they are actually in the opposite order. 

 My first virgin wild berry daiquiri!!! We were chillin in Applebees while watching the BYU vs. Utah, and i decided to try one. 
Breanna got one with me. I must say they are way good! Just like a smoothie, you could tell there was a lot of sugar in it... but it was tasty.
                            Lindsey and stephanie
Nicole and Lindsey (that is nicoles honest facial expression, she looked up right when Breanna took the picture)
A very tall christmas tree in the Conference building
Me and a banjo player...did i mention i love the banjo!! so fun!
yup, we decided to take a quick trip to the moon. Can you believe i found water there!! there must be life!
oh and a trip to mars. I love stephanie's response here.
back to the moon, it was difficult to walk there
Oh i also took a job for channel 2 Forcast; just a one time thing though.
Breanna decided to make like gum and Orbit...buh dum bum
Highlight: We played in the leaves outside this random apartment in Salt Lake. 
yay for leaves 
I have this sincere complex with nutcrackers I decided. I love them.
The Salt Lake Temple.
The tabernacle building: thats the organ thats on the hymn books!!! There are over a thousand pipes! true fact!
                Visiting Center: Christ
Proof I was the Forcaster for Channel 2!!

November 1, 2008

Happy Cucurbitaceae!

Halloween came and gone this year.  Like usual, I had no idea what to be, and then friday morning I woke up from a very pleasant/sad/revealing dream and looked in my closet.  To my surprise I saw my red pants and then it came to me.  For Halloween 2008 I was going to dress as a ketchup bottle.  As soon as class was over I got to work on my shirt.  It was very fun! 

 Me and 2 of my roommates. They were Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. 
 Friday night I went to my stake halloween party. Above is a group of people from my ward. 
One of my favorite things about Halloween is going to school! The above picture is not very good, but the yellow figure you see is a life size Pac Man! Its being chased by that red guy.  It was amazing, they even had the music from the game playing inside the pac man.  I love to campus and seeing everyone who dressed up.  My chemistry teacher dressed as Egor and did a whole lot of experiments, color changing, explosions, ping pong fire of Doom! and much more. It was one of the better classes I have been to. 
Halloween is at an end and Thanksgiving is now on everyones mind. I will miss the commercials having a spooky twist and the classic scary movies and dressing up. I will just have to wait a year!